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"No elderly, homebound or disadvantaged person in the Greater Greer area will go hungry."
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     Greer Community Ministries mourns the loss of Sonny Boroughs, pictured above attending the Big Thursday barbecue lunch in recent years. Sonny gave his time, his talents, and his treasure to the ministry.  
     Sonny's secret BBQ recipe has been enjoyed at Big Thursday since the barbecue lunch began. 
     We offer our sincere sympathies to his wife and children and to all of those whose lives he touched.
     In tribute, we offer this story written about Sonny in March 2013 by staff member Krista Gibson. 

     We need 300 people to commit to give us $20 per month. 

     We can tell you that you will feed a Meals on Wheels client for a week with that $20. What we would rather do is tell you about the impact that $20 a month can have at GCM.

Here are the intangibles, a few stories about how our reach goes beyond dollars and cents:

     A door opens, a smile widens, and a grateful heart says thank you five times a week as a freshly prepared meal is delivered. This happens 319 times each week day in our community when a Meals on Wheels lunch is delivered. These are the hidden people in our community, the ones who cannot stand on a street corner and beg for the food they need. They are lonely and they need a human touch. Your $20 can provide that.

     “I have to give back,” he told us. “Every time I have been in dire straits, you have helped me get back on my feet.” This is what a client who recently lost his wife told us. He is left to care for...
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Giving Hope and Nourishment
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